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Is your CAD system messy? Does it leave little bits of data scattered all over the place, then refuses to clean it up? Do you ever feel like you’re putting together a huge jigsaw puzzle, but you’re missing some of the pieces?

That’s why we invented FrontLine. FrontLine tidies everything up - FrontLine organizes, streamlines, and clarifies your data, working alongside your existing software to make sense out of everything. Think of it like one of those lottery machines. Inside is a jumbled mess of ping pong balls, but then, out pops a millionaire. It’s kind of like that. FrontLinedelivers features, functions, tools, insight, clarity, and precision to an otherwise chaotic world.

Basically, FrontLine turns your CAD into SuperCAD (maybe a mascot graphic on screen).

Truth is, this isn’t even scratching the surface of what FrontLine can do for you. Frontline makes hi-tech … usable, user-friendly-tech. FrontLine turns tedious, time-consuming tasks into mouse clicks. Reduces keystrokes by as much as 90%. Whittles hours of investigative legwork into just seconds.

FrontLine handles anything that’s thrown at it. Take for example the process of linking people to people, producing a nexus of connections and making it super simple to navigate. Fact is, connecting the dots is SuperCAD’s favorite thing to do. Name one dot and watch it turn, poke, sniff, and analyse, even connecting those who only met once, at an intersection, by accident, many years ago. FrontLine digitally maps people to people.

Under the FrontLine hood, you’ll find our Incident Dashboard; so powerful, so simple … and so user friendly. Each user can make their dashboard their own with a host of customization features.

Complex searches are simple with Timeframes, age-frames, height-frames, weight-frames, car-year-frames, and much more. Registration plates with missing characters? No problem!

Try doing that with your CAD!

For decades, faces have been the mechanism by which crimes have been solved, suspects have been identified, and most importantly, the innocent have been cleared.

Let’ face it, looking at picture books is for kids. The technology to compare one face to one, or to millions, is out there; and, it’s in here. FrontLine’s Facial Recognition functions find Waldo while eliminating Waldo look-alikes.

Ever need a heads-up when a person, place, or thing pops up on the radar? FrontLine is like a watchdog; a very smart watchdog; one that never sleeps. FrontLine is always watching, then barks when it sees something.

Don’t let vital intel go unnoticed. Our Watchlist function is ground-breaking, industry-leading, and just a click away.

With FrontLine, Detectives can detect, Supervisors can supervise, Administrators can …. Administrate, and all your workers can work, without worrying about the mind-numbing, time-wasting, never-ending tasks that computers were invented to do. And as new technologies surface, Frontline adapts, integrates, and delivers.

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