Turn your CAD into SuperCAD and let it do all the heavy lifting for you

Turn your CAD into SuperCAD and let Frontline do all the heavy lifting for you.

Frontline puts to use the massive amount of data collected by the State (and municipal) CAD/Reporting system (Nexgen) for investigatory and other purposes.

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Organized Data

Applying the latest technology to existing data to simplify, organize, energize, and better utilize.

Multiple Data Sources

Built into FL are connections to external data sources to supplement existing information with a treasure trove of data made available to FL users. With a couple clicks, find a person’s aliases, addresses, contact info, photos, social media sites, and so much more.

Complex Functions

Functions and features such as facial recognition, and proprietary algorithms that digitally connect people to people, are just examples of what FrontLine has to offer.

The CAD solution is here

Frontline reacts, adapts, and interacts. It’s organized, stylized, and specialized. Isn’t it time you get to the FrontLine?

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Analysis You Can Build Upon

Accurate Facial Recognition

Find Who You're looking for

For decades, faces have been the mechanism by which crimes have been solved, suspects have been identified, and most importantly, the innocent have been cleared. Let’ face it, looking at picture books is for kids. The technology to compare one face to one, or to millions, is out there; and, it’s in here. FrontLine’s Facial Recognition functions find Waldo while eliminating Waldo look-alikes.

Make sure you're up to date

Stay Alert

Ever need a heads-up when a person, place, or thing pops up on the radar?  FrontLine is like a watchdog; a very smart watchdog; one that never sleeps. FrontLine is always watching, then barks when it sees something. Don’t let vital intel go unnoticed. Our Watchlist function is ground-breaking, industry-leading, and just a click away.

Built By Eric Smith